Breaking news: Harry Kane the former key player for Tottenham has just reached a £100 million agreement to extend his contract with the hotspur club The deal has been finalized…..

Daniel Levy verified the presence of a buy-back clause pertaining to Harry Kane’s transfer to Bayern Munich at a recent fans’ forum. Should Kane decide to rejoin the Premier League, Tottenham will have first dibs on re-signing him. Tottenham will have the chance to match any bid made by another English club for Kane while he is still at Bayern Munich, in a scenario similar to the ones that occurred with Gareth Bale’s transfer to Real Madrid.

In the face of criticism from Tottenham fans for letting Kane go, Levy acknowledged the buy-back clause’s existence at the fans’ forum but did not elaborate on its details.

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While Kane’s exit from Tottenham appeared final at first, he did not completely rule out the chance of joining the team again in the future. Any choice about Kane’s return to Tottenham would ultimately be up to him. Harry Kane left Tottenham for Bayern Munich in August, seemingly refusing to rule out a return to the Spurs. Daniel Levy has confirmed that Spurs have first option to re-sign the England captain. The deal could be worth up to £100 million.

Spurs did not want to take a chance on losing the England captain on a free transfer the following summer, so they paid £100 million to the German team for Kane during the summer transfer window.

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