1×2 Betting Meaning – The Best Explanation You Can Get

It is not unusual to find bettors discussing or arguing passionately about the odds of a 1×2 bet. It is the most common wagering option amongst punters around the world especially for fans of sports like football.

Hence, it is important for anyone who’s hoping to venture into sports betting to understand the meaning of 1×2 in betting.

Read on to see all about 1×2 betting meaning, the variations, and how it is applied to soccer betting. At the end of the read, you’ll know how to make a 1×2 bet and the best strategies to employ while making such a bet.

What is the Meaning of 1×2 in Betting?

First, you must know that a 1×2 wager is also referred to as a Match Result or Three-way bet. These three terms mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably by bookmakers.

Now that we’ve cleared that, What exactly is the meaning of 1×2 in betting?

1×2 betting meaning is simple. All it involves is staking on the outcome of a particular game. That is, you only need to pick which one of the three plausible outcomes is most likely to occur – a win for the home team, a win for the away team, or a draw.

Whichever one you pick determines the odds on your bet slip. And once the match finishes in favour of your predicted outcome, you win. On the contrary, you’ll lose your bet if the match ends in any of the remaining two outcomes.

Speaking of outcomes, 1×2 is available for any sport you can wager on three outcomes. The term itself (1×2) points to a home, draw or away win. As such, you can use it for popular sports like football, cricket, ice hockey, basketball, and Formula One. Little wonder, it is the most acclaimed betting market available in bookies worldwide.

Let’s take an example to understand the meaning of 1×2 betting in football.

1×2 Betting – Meaning in Football

Perhaps I want to place a 1×2 bet on a match between Aston Villa and Arsenal. I have three options to pick. It’s either I’m predicting a home win for Aston Villa, an away win for Arsenal, or a draw between the two teams. The home team – Aston Villa represents 1, Arsenal – the away team represents 2, while a draw represents x. As such, I’m staking on

  • 1 if I think Aston Villa will win;
  • X if my guess is the match will end in a draw; and
  • 2 if I believe the Gunners have what it takes to conquer.
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Each outcome comes with different odds depending on its likelihood. Let’s say Arsenal’s top scorers Bukayo Saka, Declan Rice and Kai Havertz are in bad shape and the team looks in a sorry state. The odds will definitely be low, unlike if things are looking promising and pointing to a win.

Either way, your win depends on the match result. Thankfully, you can always include multiple 1×2 bets in your slip. It allows you to place stakes in doubles, triples, and even accumulators. In addition, you can wager on different aspects of a match as you’ll see in the 1×2 bet types below.

1×2 Bet Types

As a bettor, it is important that you get options to increase the thrill and excitement at all times. That’s where the 1×2 bet types come in. It allows for different variations and applications of the bet. Look below to see how each bet type works.

1st Half 1×2 Betting Meaning

1×2 betting on the first half involves staking on the 1st half result, regardless of the final scores of the match or what happens later. For example, if you carried a match between Liverpool and Westham with a 1st-half home win in your bet slip. It means you’re certain Liverpool will beat Westham within the 1st 45 mins of play. If that happens, you’ll win your ticket. However, your ticket will cut if Liverpool ties with Westham or loses to them at the end of the 1st half. It doesn’t matter who later wins the match, whether it went on to extra time or a penalty shootout ensued. All that matters is the scores on the scoreboard at the sound of the halftime whistle.

2nd Half 1×2 Betting Meaning

Here, you’re wagering on the outcome of the 2nd half with no regard to what happens in the 1st. Let’s look at a real-life match event to demonstrate this.

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In the 2023 Premier League match between Arsenal vs Southampton, the average odds gotten from different bookmakers were

  • 1 – 1.20(83.3%),
  • X – 7.50(13.3%), and
  • 2 – 17.00(5.9%).

From these odds, it is quite clear that Arsenal was favoured to win the match. As such, a friend placed two 1×2 bets on the home team; a matchtime 1×2 bet and a 2nd half 1×2 bet.

Note that a match time 1×2 bet is a wager on the outcome of the match at full-time. That means all the goals for both 1st half and 2nd half counts.

At the end of the match, he lost the matchtime bet and won the 2nd half bet. Here’s how it happened.

At the end of the 1st half, the score was at 1 – 2 with Southampton gaining an early lead on Arsenal. However, Martin Odegaad and Bukola Saka each scored a goal, giving Arsenal two goals to nil during the 2nd half. As such, the 2nd-half home win bet was valid! Even though, the match ended with a 3-3 draw.

Handicap 1×2 Betting Meaning

Like the others, handicap betting involves a three-way scenario. The only difference is here, the favoured team to win gets a goal disadvantage(handicap) to level the odds. It could be a one(-1), two(-2), three(-3), or four(-4) goal(s) disadvantage, depending on the evaluated strength of the teams.

Bookies commonly use this bet type when a team is considered to be far stronger and better than its opponent. That way, more bettors can wager on the underdogs. Should you decide to still stake on the favourite team, you’ll need to consider the given handicap and if it can be overcome.

1x2 meaning

How to Make a 1×2 bet

If you’ve grasped the meaning of 1×2 in betting, then making a 1×2 bet will be no issue. You only need to follow the steps below and you can place as many bets as you want. But of course, remember to set a budget and bet responsibly.

  1. Open your sportsbook app or enter a reputable site on your browser
  2. Select the game you want. Remember to pick a sport where it’s plausible to get three outcomes.
  3. Tap the 1×2 option at the top of the page. In some sportsbooks, it is the only betting market available on the main page.
  4. Make your prediction (home, away, or draw) based on the given odds.
  5. Tap proceed to enter your preferred wager.
  6. Deposit, if need be.
  7. Finally, submit your bet slip.
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FAQs on 1×2 Betting Meaning

Does overtime count in a 1×2 bet?

No, overtime adds no value to a 1×2 bet. As such, you can still win your bet even if the tide changes during extra time.

What’s the best strategy to use for a 1×2 bet?

The best strategy to employ in staking a 1×2 bet is to

  • First, understand the meaning of 1×2 in betting for any sports you intend to wager on;
  • Watch out for the game predictions and news in the sports betting market;
  • Weigh the odds to guess the outcome most likely to be correct; and
  • Utilize available bonuses to reduce the risk.

Meanwhile, ensure you don’t bet based on emotions or try to chase losses by placing risky bets or going above your set budget.

What are the pros and cons of 1×2 betting? Is it worth it?

Every known bookmaker offers the 1×2 betting market. Besides that, it is simple and convenient. You can utilize it in different sports including popular ones like football and basketball.

And what’s more, it is ideal for both new and experienced punters. However, note that the odds of a 1×2 bet are often unstable and the results are influenced by several factors. As such, it may be difficult to predict.

Why is 1×2 betting popular amongst football fans?

Most bettors are attracted by the simplicity and ease of a 1×2 bet. Besides that, it increases the anticipation and thrill of the match. Every moment matters, as just a single kick can ruin your bet.

How do I calculate my payout on a 1×2 bet?

The simple method of calculating your returns on a 1×2 bet is to multiply your stake by the given odds. For example, if you stake #1000 on an away win of 17.00 odd and your ticket hit, you’ll get #1000 times 17. That is, seventeen thousand naira (#17,000).

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