Ahmed Musa controversy adds to history of tensions

The relationship between athletes and the media is often a complex one, with moments of harmony and tension interspersed throughout.

For Super Eagles players, representing Nigeria on the international stage brings immense pride and scrutiny, particularly from the Nigerian media.

Over the years, there have been notable instances where players and media outlets have clashed, highlighting the challenges of balancing professional responsibilities with public scrutiny.

In this article, we delve into three occasions when Super Eagles players found themselves at odds with the Nigerian media, exploring the underlying dynamics and implications for both parties involved.

Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa addresses media controversy over cultural gesture

Ahmed Musa of Nigeria challenged by Percy Tau of South Africa

Credit: Icon Sport

Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa has taken to social media to address the recent controversy surrounding a video that captured him bowing to Kano State Governor Abba Yusuf instead of shaking hands.

In his statement, Musa emphasized that his actions were rooted in cultural respect, contrary to some interpretations circulating online.

The video, recorded during a visit to the Kano State Government House last month, sparked debate after Musa greeted Deputy Governor Aminu Gwarzo with a handshake but chose to bow to Governor Yusuf.

In his social media post,Ahmed Musa expressed disappointment that what he considered a simple act of cultural respect had garnered significant attention online.

He clarified that in Northern Nigerian culture, gestures like kneeling and shaking hands signify the highest form of respect.

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Musa explained that his intention was to honor the Deputy Governor with such a gesture and to show even greater respect to Governor Yusuf through a deeper bow, a tradition deeply rooted in Northern Nigerian customs.

Musa also voiced his frustration that the incident had diverted focus from more pressing issues facing the nation, such as economic challenges, security concerns, and religious tensions.

He criticized the media, including national outlets like ARISE TV, for amplifying the controversy instead of addressing substantive issues.

Furthermore, Musa addressed comments questioning his respectfulness, urging individuals to redirect their energy towards finding solutions to societal problems rather than engaging in needless distractions.

In conclusion, Ahmed Musa called for unity and collective efforts towards addressing real issues, emphasizing the importance of focusing on what truly matters for the betterment of society.

With this statement, he sought to clarify his cultural gesture and redirect attention to more significant issues facing the nation.

Ahmed Musa statement

โ€œIt has come to my attention that on a moment captured almost a month ago, has unexpectedly become the center of attention on social media.

It’s disheartening to see a simple act of cultural respect blown out of proportion. In our Northern culture, the gesture of kneeling, shaking hands etc signifies the highest form of respect.

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This was my intention when I greeted the Deputy Governor in such a manner. However, when it came to greeting the Governor, I chose to bow and not shake his hands, honoring him in a way that is deeply rooted in tradition.

It’s unfortunate that amidst all the pressing issues our nation faces โ€“ economic hardships, security challenges, religious clashes and more โ€“ this seemingly insignificant moment has garnered so much attention.

Even national media outlets like ARISE TV have jumped on the bandwagon, diverting focus from issues that truly matter- highly disappointing I must say.

What’s even more disheartening are the comments questioning my respectfulness, especially from those who don’t know me personally. Let’s pause for a moment and reflect on where we choose to direct our energy.

Shouldn’t it be towards finding solutions to the problems plaguing our society rather than getting caught up in needless distractions? I urge us all to channel our collective efforts towards addressing the real issues at hand.

Let’s focus on uplifting one another, fostering unity, and working towards a better future for all. And with this, I rest my case. #FocusOnWhatMatters #CulturalRespect #UnityInDiversityโ€

3 times Super Eagles players have clashed with the Nigerian media

In the realm of Nigerian football, clashes between Super Eagles players and the media have occasionally made headlines, revealing underlying tensions and misunderstandings. Here are three notable instances where such conflicts emerged:

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Vincent Enyeama vs. false reports

Vincent Enyeama in action for the Super Eagles at the 2014 FIFA World Cup
Credit: Icon Sport

In 2017, Nigerian football hero Vincent Enyeama found himself embroiled in a dispute with the media after false reports claimed that Super Eagles manager Rohr had attempted to contact him ahead of a crucial World Cup qualifier.

Enyeama took to social media to debunk the claims, asserting that Rohr never reached out to him, leading to questions about the accuracy of the reports and the motives behind them.

Sunday Oliseh’s allegations

Sunday Oliseh contends with Roberto Baggio at the Super Eagles vs Italy 1994 FIFA World Cup
Credit: Icon Sport

Former Super Eagles player Sunday Oliseh made waves when he accused unnamed members of the football association of attempting to extort money from him.

Oliseh also alleged that some journalists acted as intermediaries, even going as far as acting as agents to facilitate players’ inclusion in the national team.

Ahmed Musa’s cultural gesture

Ahmed Musa of Nigeria during the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations Nigeria Press Conference at the Palais de la Culture in Abidjan
Photo by Icon Sport

Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa recently found himself at the center of a social media storm after a video circulated showing him bowing to greet Kano State Governor Abba Yusuf during a visit to the Government House.

The video sparked speculation and debate, with some questioning Musa’s intentions.

However, Ahmed Musa clarified that his gesture was rooted in cultural respect, highlighting the misunderstandings that can arise when cultural nuances are misinterpreted by the media and the public.

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