Bassirou Faye, 44 Years Old Sworn In As Senegal president

Shortly after being inaugurated as President of the Republic, Bassirou Diomaye Diakhar Faye swiftly named Ousmane Sonko as his Prime Minister. Sonko, who leads the Pastef party, takes on the position with minimal astonishment.

The choice was officially confirmed through a decree signed late Tuesday night.

“In the days ahead, I will assemble my inaugural government, comprised of individuals known for their merit, integrity, and patriotism, both within Senegal and its Diaspora,” President Faye pledged during his campaign.

Sonko is now responsible for appointing the members of the government, and the formation is anticipated to occur within the next few hours.

At the age of 44, Diomaye Faye won the presidency as the 5th President of Senegal in the election held on March 24, 2024, securing a commanding 54.28% of the vote.

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