Because You Did Bûtt & Brëast Sûrgery Döesn’t Mean You Are Womàn


Singer Portable responded after it emerged that Bobrisky, a well-known Nigerian crossdresser, received an award intended for women, despite being a man.

In his response, Portable conveyed to Bobrisky that undergoing butt and breast enlargement surgeries doesn’t change his gender identity as a man.

Recall, on Sunday, March 24, Bobrisky got one million naira award as the Best Female Dressed during a movie premiere in Lagos.

However, many people were displeased with this situation because there were numerous well-dressed female celebrities at the event, yet the judges chose to honor a man.

Portable while reacting, he said;

“I heard that Bobrisky won Best Dressed Female award at a movie premiere. Is he a woman? Isn’t he a transgender? He might have done BBL and breast surgery but that does not qualify him as woman.

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“There were many beautiful women there but the judges gave a man a award meant for women. Bobrisky is a man.”

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