“Caution your mad political dogs”

The Senior Special Assistant on Public Enlightenment to APC National Chairman, Oliver Okpala, has called on the Anambra State Governor, Chukwuma Soludo, to rein in his ‘political attack dogs’.

Ganduje, at a recent colloquium, organised by the South East chapter of the All Progressives (APC), called on Anambra and the entire region to join the ruling party to end many years of exclusion from the centre.

The comment attracted the anger of some All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) adherents, who have been attacking the APC national chairman.

Speaking on the issue, Okpala described those attacking Ganduje over the comment as uncouth and misguided political misfits who should be called to order.

His words: “There is need for them to appreciate the gesture of Ganduje and not see his intervention as negative.

H“is aim is for the economic development and political inclusion of Anambra State to move into the central national politics and nothing sinister as now being portrayed by the overzealous APGA attack dogs.”

“The eminent politician who gave such advice should not be vilified or insulted as they have now resorted to. Instead, he should be praised and commended for his suggestions on how the region can overcome its age-long political backwardness and economic inhibitions.

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“For Ganduje, the target should be how Anambra state can experience exponential growth through being integrated into national politics given its enormous resources and not empty, bitter wrangling.

“These criticisms and attacks against him are uncalled for. The issues he has raised do not pit him against Anambra State, but the matter is about the policies of the state government vis a viz their inclusion at the centre to fast-track their progress – principally, the economic benefit of the people.

“For those now attacking Ganduje as a person, they should know that the APC national chairman did not attack any Anambrarian, but he only proffered possible solutions to the condition of the state, a move with the aim to better the situation of the common man in Anambra,” he said.

He described his boss as a nationalistic leader who cares for all segments of the country.

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He said: “Coming from another region of the country to empathise with the people of Anambra is in itself a hallmark of leadership transcending ethnic or regional sentiments. That Is Ganduje for you, a detribalised and nationalistic leader.

“So, he should be appreciated for his concern for them to be redeemed from their economic and political backwardness and not derided. He should be encouraged for taking interest in the affairs of the Igbo with a view to engendering their socio-political fortunes.

“Ganduje is not against Governor Soludo or any Anambra man for that matter; he even captioned his comments as the way forward for Anambra and the South East as a whole, as he also described the Anambra governor as his personal friend.

“So, why these unnecessary attacks on his person, integrity, credibility, family and image by political charlatans in APGA?

“Governor Soludo should call these misguided boys to order and advise them on how not to address an elder. He should caution these mad political dogs who lack a sense of decorum.

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“How do you describe a man who has seen it all in Nigeria’s political landscape as being ignorant? This is a two-time governor of a state, and a political leader with over 35 years experience in politics and the current national chairman of the ruling party of the country.

“We need to ask those who are attacking Ganduje what their pedigree is, what is their antecedents, and what they represent. Our nation clearly does not need such loose canons.

“It is shameful that it is lost on them that this is the first time, a national leader of a political party is coming to identify and empathise with the people of the South East, Anambra in particular, on how they can be better integrated into national politics and thereby enjoy more bounties of democracy.

“He should not be insulted but seen as a partner in progress. He should be given accolades, especially coming from another region. It shows that Ganduje is a bridge builder across the nation. That kind of politics is what we need now in Nigeria.”

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