Clearlake owners denied Major Chelsea rumour amidst disagreements

Clearlake owners denied Major Chelsea rumour amidst disagreements

A pretty big Chelsea rumour that has been circulating has been denied by those at Clearlake Capital, part owners of the club.

There’s been reports of some disagreements already amongst the share holding owners of the club, but that has now been denied by sources close to Clearlake.

That is according to The Daily Mail, who say that it has been rumoured that Blues owner Todd Boehly has a more long-term approach and that fellow owners and Clearlake executive Behdad Eghbali and Jose Feliciano are under pressure from investors to deliver a speedier return. However, those close to Clearlake say that is not the case and insist that they are also in West London for the long-term.

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Well that’s good then, isn’t it?

In recent months some have questioned whether the club’s ambitions have changed since the takeover. However, the report claims that the aim of the ownership group is thought to remain the same: a Chelsea that wins matches, competes in the Champions League and brings trophies to Stamford Bridge.

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