DÑA Test Just Revealed I’m Nøt The Biølogical Father Of My Son

American rapper, Trippie Redd, previously announced on Instagram that he had a son, but he now reveals that DNA tests proved he is not the father.

The child’s mother disputes this, alleging that Trippie Redd initially asked her to have an abortion.

In November 2023, Trippie Redd shared images of the newborn, named Saint Michael White, and canceled his tour.

Fans were surprised by the revelation, especially considering the child’s light skin tone.

Months prior, Trippie Redd apologized to his then-girlfriend Skye Morales for infidelity, suggesting the child was with another woman.

In a recent vlog with rapper DDG, Trippie Redd disclosed the DNA test results, stating he thought he had a child but later learned otherwise.

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This revelation affected him emotionally and contributed to his inability to tour.

The child’s mother, known as Nique, countered Trippie Redd’s claims, accusing him of coercion regarding abortion and refusing a joint DNA test.

She also refuted his reasons for canceling the tour.

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