Drama As Bride Càncels Ceremony On D-day After Finding Out Groom’s lnfidelity

On the day of her wedding, the bride decided to delay the ceremony upon learning that the groom had been unfaithful the previous day.

A person purporting to be the bride’s friend posted about this upsetting development on TikTok, sharing videos of the couple’s confrontation in public.

In the footage, the enraged bride was observed confronting the groom on the street, drawing a crowd’s attention.

The groom’s close friend was also captured in the videos, attempting to intervene and comfort the distraught bride.

The incident, as depicted in the videos, has sparked debate and discussion on social media platforms.

At the time of reporting, Becksblog was unable to ascertain the precise location of this incident, but it occurred in Nigeria.

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More details soon…

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