Edo gov aspirant, Iyere accused of using unregistered groups for campaigns

An aspirant in the forthcoming Edo State governorship, Comrade Kennedy Iyere, has been accused of using some unregistered organizations to “deceive” the public and “perpetrate political fraud”.

Some members of the groups who spoke under the condition of anonymity said none of Iyere’s associations were registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

A source revealed that Iyere, a human rights activist, had been using unregistered organisations as fronts to garner support and funding. 

“These organizations established to champion various social causes and community development initiatives turned out to be nothing more than tools for his political ambitions,” the source said.

One such organization named ‘Entrepreneur Fund for Women’ claimed to empower women in entrepreneurship and provide financial assistance for business ventures.

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Similarly, ‘40 Million Ballot’ was presented as a voter education and mobilization initiative aimed at promoting democratic participation.

Another organization, Civil Society Committee for Anti-Fraud Election Security (CISCAES), is to serve as a watchdog group focused on ensuring fair and fraud-free elections.

However, upon closer scrutiny, it was revealed that none of these organisations were registered with the CAC, raising questions about their funding sources, operational transparency, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Recounting their experiences, some members of the unregistered groups said they were lured into joining these groups with promises of financial support, job opportunities, and community development projects. However, these promises have not been met.

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I thought I was contributing to a noble cause that would benefit our community,” said a former member of Iyere’s 40 Million Ballot Movement who spoke on a condition of anonymity.

But I soon realised that it was all a facade orchestrated by Kennedy Iyere for his own political gain. We were used and discarded once our usefulness expired.

The use of unregistered organizations as a smokescreen for political activities has raised concerns among legal experts and civil society organizations.

According to the Nigerian law, any organization engaging in public activities, especially those related to fundraising and advocacy, must be registered and comply with regulatory requirements.

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Failure to do so not only undermines transparency but also exposes unsuspecting individuals to potential exploitation and fraud.

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