“Ex Cônvict Wan Go See Current Cónvict” – Blessing CEO Goes To Visit Verydarkman In Pólice Custody


Social media personality Blessing CEO has sparked speculation by announcing her intention to visit Verydarkman in police custody, purportedly to deliver half a loaf of bread and water.

Verydarkman is reportedly detained in Abuja for allegedly cyberbullying Tonto Dikeh.

Blessing CEO, known for her controversial views, shared a video mimicking Verydarkman’s mannerisms while holding bread and sachet water, suggesting she plans to deliver them to him in the cell.

See some reactions below;

mizpurplemakeupempire said: “If nah VDM too he will set camera.. Let’s have it pls”

linaberry_. said: “Battle of the ex convicts Ex convict going to visit current convict”

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mheenarh_ said: “Blessing go kuku know the way around, she sef don go before.”

alamsfel said: “The way I fought not to laugh eeh. I lost it when she said “you know his favorite food na bread and pure water”

luchyclaire30 said: “The RATEL that just came into the internet space and he’s uniqueness made him viral , but you have been here for more than how many years yet no single positive impact have you created .. you think you can catch smoke? He will soon be out and come out more stronger”


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