Federal Government Allocates N1.6 Billion Support Package to Ginger Farmers

The Nigerian government has allocated a support package totaling N1.6 billion to ginger farmers in Kaduna, Plateau, Nasarawa, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). This initiative, known as the Ginger Recovery Advancement and Transformation for Economic Empowerment (GRATE) package, aims to assist farmers impacted by the recent ginger blight epidemic.

Mohammed Ibrahim, the Executive Secretary of the National Agricultural Development Fund (NADF), announced this support package during the launch of the Ginger Blight Epidemic Control Taskforce support Initiative in Kaduna. The epidemic affected around 15,000 ginger farmers across the mentioned states and FCT during a period of significant growth in ginger exports.

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The support package includes essential inputs such as high-yield seed varieties, fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides, aimed at rejuvenating ginger production in affected areas. Mr. Ibrahim emphasized the government’s commitment to supporting farmers and revitalizing ginger cultivation in rural communities.

Marian Moon, the Technical Assistant on Agriculture in the Office of the Vice President, highlighted the global demand for Nigerian ginger and encouraged farmers to increase production to meet this demand. She commended the government’s efforts in addressing agriculture and ginger farming as part of its renewed agenda programme.

The Kaduna State Governor, represented by his deputy, expressed appreciation for the federal government’s support for affected farmers in the state. He acknowledged the quality of Kaduna’s ginger and urged farmers to remain dedicated to their farming activities.

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