Gov. Uba Sani told to go after El-rufai as rift deepens

A Former Kaduna Central Senator, Shehu Sani has called for an investigation into the administration of ex-Governor Nasir El-Rufai, citing concerns over the state’s significant debt accumulation. He made the plea through a post on his verified X social media handle on Monday.

Sani’s comment is coming shortly after Gov. Uba Sani revealed that Kaduna state was under Heavy Debt.

During a Town Hall meeting in Kaduna over the weekend, Governor Uba disclosed the state’s encumbrance of $587 million in debt, N85 billion, and 115 contractual obligations left by the El-Rufai administration. He noted that the debt severely hampers the government’s ability to fulfill its obligations, including paying workers’ salaries.

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Senator Shehu Sani futher emphasized the necessity of an independent inquiry to unravel the specifics of the financial dealings under El-Rufai’s tenure.

He proposed the formation of a probe panel led by a neutral professional accountant or auditor. This panel would be tasked with summoning former government officials and their associated contractors to account for the financial mismanagement and alleged misappropriation of funds, including a scrutinized $350 million loan.

“The looting of Kaduna State cannot be remedied by revelations alone but by courageously constituting a probe panel,” Sani asserted, indicating that mere exposure of financial irregularities is insufficient without a concerted effort to bring the responsible parties to book.

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