“He Said I’m Too Precious To Be Someone’s Sèrvant” – Maid In Tèars As American Lover Opens 3 Restaurants For Her

“Housemaid Overwhelmed with Emotion as American Partner Launches Three Restaurants in Her Name”

A Nigerian woman has recounted how her life was changed by an American man she crossed paths with within the span of eight months.

According to her, she linked her account with the Caucasian man while she was employed as a maid in Lagos.

The Caucasian man was dissatisfied with the quality of her work and decided to take it upon himself to improve her life significantly.

Within their relationship’s first eight months, he established three restaurants for her in Lagos and ensured her remarkable success.

While narrating the good news via her TikTok account, she wrote;
“He met me when I was working as a maid and he said I am too precious to be someone’s servant. So he opened three restaurants for me in Lagos. We haven’t met in person yet. We have been dating for eight months”.

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