“Her mom is telling me they are still my children”

A US-based Nigerian man opens up on the challenge facing him after finding out through a DNA test that two out of his four children are not his.

A doctor identified as @Bugstan1477 took to the X platform to share an anonymous message received from an embattled man.

According to the man, his wife committed paternity fraud twice in their marriage, leaving him with two kids that are not biologically his.

While emphasizing the frustration of speaking to his father-in-law, he realized the man was a victim like himself at the hand of his mother-in-law who advised him to take the children as his.

in his word;

“Doctor, I’m dead…. 2 out of my 4 kids are not mine. Someone posted you on a blog. I thought of sending a message to Sir Dickson, but I got you immediately when I opened my app. I paid so much bride price and had an expensive wedding.

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”I trained her in school, waited for her to graduate, and then we got married. I just spoke to the father of my about-to-be ex-wife. He said he found out years ago that his son is not his because of a Canada visa application. He said I should do what I feel is just for me.

“Her mom is telling me that they are still my children. I want Nigeria to help me. I’m going to pay people on TikTok for this to go viral. This woman must show me their fathers. I have been training 12 and 13-year-old boys in good private schools while they are not mine.”

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“Her mom is telling me they are still my children” - US based Nigerian man fumes as 2 out of 4 kids are not his

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