I didn’t care if he was poor, People mocked me for marrying a poor white man

Monica, a Kenyan woman with Nigerian roots, has opened up about her experiences facing mockery for marrying a poor white man.

She shared that she met her Russian partner in Kenya and emphasized that she is the type of person who values love over financial status.

“Many ladies when they go to these white people, most of ladies let’s talk reality, most of ladies they go after money That’s reality .

“But for me … you know… for me when i love someone, I love someone with my heart, I don’t care whether that person is poor or not poor, I’m okay with that as long as it’s happiness at home.” She said

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Her husband, Andre who hails from Russia, St.Peterburg revealed that he used to repair phones, laptop  back in russia but after 6years, he came to settle down in kenya permanently

How they met themselves, Andre said: “I met monica at a supermarket, I just came for some shopping and food, then i saw a beautiful girl who was coming to the supermarket and she was making the same shopping, she choose some food like milk and flour.

“After that, I Followed her slowly and when she came to the cashier, I came to her and say Hello.. how are you?, Introduced myself and told her that she is beautiful and let me just pay what you bought today.”

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“At that day, I didn’t know if it’s going to be my day, i didn’t know, i woke up early in the morning like always, I always pray for myself and my family and for everybody and then my mom sent me to a shopping mall, i went to navias center as i went there off course they have so many white people out there, but for me i just went there, i started buying at that moment I was buying milk, my mom sent me to buy oil, milk, flour and then after that moment i realized someone is following me and i was like okay let me stop, let me hear what he is going to tell me.” she said

“Currently he told me that I’m beautiful, he told me he likes me and then i asked him why you like me.. He told me because it is from his heart, he loves me because it’s from his heart not because of he sees me just beautiful.”

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“He asked me for my phone number, why not i gave him my phone number.” she added

How he felt when monica gave him her number, he said: “I was so happy, so happy especially when she gave me a phone number, I have her contact, I was just happy I understand my dream is here.”

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