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Sarah Wolfgramm, a mother of 13 children, has opened up about her family’s expenses, revealing that her husband spends a total of $75,600 annually on food, bills, and clothes for their large family.

Sarah, 48, shared that she always dreamed of having a big family, and her pregnancies with each child were relatively easy. Unfortunately, one of their children passed away at three months old due to Sudden infant death syndrome.

Sarah, who works as a caterer, and her husband, Haini, are parents to 13 children: Joy (6), Lynnae (8), Vaké (11), Mary (13), Wesley (15), Hazel (17), Nora May (18), Maikeli (20), Abraham (21), Tihané (23), Isabella (24), Heinrich (26), and Eve (27).

Their monthly expenses total $6,300, with $2,700 going towards the mortgage, $1,200 for food, $2,000 on bills, and $400 on necessities.

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She said: “Your family are your treasure and when you start to see wealth in family – it’s easy. Plus for me giving birth is like riding a bike.

“I have the gift of being thrifty and frugal. So we need a minimum $6,000 a month to run the house. I go to bargain bins, Goodwill, and use my catering business to get food at wholesale prices.

“When the kids want something not in the budget like a brand-new T-shirt, they work for it and buy it themselves. The older kids pitch in and take care of their personal needs such as phone bills.”

Sarah also shared her experience of breastfeeding all her babies for a year, and whenever she stopped, she would become pregnant again.

“I felt like every time I got a positive pregnancy test it was like this huge excitement,’ she recalled. ‘Like another one is coming. How are they going to be? What is their personality? What are they going to add to our family? How are they going to look?.” She told Mailonline

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how she felt after the death of her baby, she said: “Sariah was our beautiful little girl. She gave me my baker’s dozen and so I thought I was done, but one day she fell asleep in my husband’s arms while I was baking a cake. He put her downstairs and when we checked on her she wasn’t breathing.

“It broke all of our hearts. She was the youngest in the family and it rocked all of our worlds just knowing one of us could be taken in an instant. As we grieved as a family our children asked us to consider having another baby because they didn’t want their perception of babies to end on that note.

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“It was so scary saying goodbye to my baby and not knowing what was next, but I left it in God’s hands.

“Shortly after that I was blessed with my rainbow baby, Lynnae. She put a rainbow over all of our broken hearts. We assumed we were done. We had a baker’s dozen but then another rainbow baby Joy came when I was 42.

“We know that my youngest two were sent by Sariah, who is up in heaven, and we all feel comfort knowing we have an angel on the other side watching over us.”


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