I married a man 20yrs younger than me, he has a girlfriend and we are happily married

A polyamorous widow revealed that she married a man 20yrs younger than her and she is also sharing a girlfriend with him.

The 49yr old woman identified as Lizz Cannon was once married to her late husband, josh, 49, who died of liver disease.

During those hard times, she met her 29yr old boyfriend, Gabriel Castaneda at a skating roller class.

She said: “Losing Josh was like nothing I’d ever been through, which is why meeting Gabriel was so out of the blue

“We exchanged phone numbers, we went for dinner later that week and knew that we had a special connection.

“I’ll never stop grieving Josh, but it has gotten easier. I know he would’ve loved Gabriel and we would’ve been so happy. 

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“It was love at first sight. I know Gabriel is my angel sent from above by Josh.”

“When I told him about being polyamorous, he was so open and interested

“Soon after, we explored it together and were happily surprised to find ourselves in a our throuple.”


During their relationship and marriage, in 2023, the couple met another woman named “Fatima” who resides in a different state. They connected with Fatima through a dating app called “HER,

Lizz continued: “She instantly enriched our relationship and it was like we had known each other for years

“Some people might not get polyamory, but for Gabriel and I, it aligns with our values and how we want to live our life.

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“We make sure to check-in with each other about everything, not for permission, but out of respect and being mindful of safe sex practices is non-negotiable.

“I love my husband, but he’s not a woman and we communicate differently

“Me and Gabriel each have our own relationship with Fatima.”

“To me, marriage isn’t about being sexually exclusive, but it’s about building a life together, which is exactly what we are doing.

“Things have to be healthy and vibrant and that’s why we have a shared girlfriend.

“But we are open to dating other people, outside of our relationship.

“I’ve had neighbors call me telling me they’ve seen Gabriel on a date with another woman, and they’re even more shocked when they realize that I know.

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“We keep each other updated about everything and there’s nothing we can’t talk about.

“If others think polyamory is strange, then they should start talking to more people.

‘They will discover that there are people who are practicing open relationships more than they might know.”

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