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A married woman has shared her distressing story of leaving her husband for her lover, only to be dumped by him in return.

She revealed that she had been married to her husband for a while before falling in love with her co-worker.

This caused arguments between her and her husband, who demanded that she choose between him and her co-worker. She ultimately chose her co-worker and they began dating.

However, she now regrets her decision as her lover, who used to talk about his wife while praising her efforts, has not been in touch for three weeks, leaving her feeling abandoned and heartbroken.

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She told the Sun: Before we got married, my husband made me choose between him and a co-worker.

I chose him, but my friend was never far from my thoughts.

Three years on and although we are both married, my colleague and I are enjoying an intense affair.

I suppose that our liaison was inevitable.

When my husband proposed I thought of my friend and even on my wedding day, my mind was on him.

Since then my co-worker told me if he’d known how I felt about him, he would never have proposed to his girlfriend or bought her a ring.

I always felt my lover was someone special. He is 33, as is my husband, and I’m 31.

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During my first year of marriage I actively avoided my colleague but one day our departments sent us on the same training day and all my feelings came flooding back.

It killed me inside when he said he was engaged. Still we’d text just to catch up.

He never left my mind.

Then we began working similar shifts so we began to flirt, hug and kiss.

He confided in me that things weren’t good in his marriage.

He kept saying that if I left my marriage, he’d leave his wife.

We couldn’t keep apart and the sex was awesome.

My relationship broke down and I have since moved out of our home but my colleague became very hit and miss.

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He said his wife was making an effort and although it confused him, he wanted us to continue.

He texts far less and we’ve barely met up.

His wife is more affectionate but he says he still thinks about me.

The last time we spoke he said he thinks he’s going to stay with his wife because she’s really trying.

I haven’t seen him outside of work for three weeks.

He’s broken me.

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