I Turned down request from a millionaire after he told me to cover up myself in Chocolate for him to lick- Transgender laments

An influencer named Carolina Gómez recently shared that she underwent multiple cosmetic procedures to enhance her beauty and body.

This isn’t the first time Carolina has faced criticism for getting these procedures. She previously stated that she never had surgery on her buttocks, only on her nose and breasts.

Sharing to her instagram page to reply to critics, she said: “How many surgeries have I had?

“I’m going to start with the hair…well, my hair is like this thanks to my dad.

“Next, breast surgery, mammaplasty, which I had at 18-years-old.

“My first cosmetic surgery was my boobs.

Not only that, she shared a photo of when she was 14-15 yrs to show comparison.

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She continued: “Well, clearly I had nothing, so you can see what I was like at that time.”

“I have had absolutely nothing done to my lips, I know that sounds super strange.

“I don’t need to deny these things, if I had anything done, I would tell you.


“I put on long eyelashes for those who ask me because they ask me a lot.”

“Do I have plastic here? No.” she said while she pointed to her ear

“The little that is there is thanks to work in the gym.”

She also debunked online rumours that she wears her hair down because of her unsightly ears.

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 “I only keep my hair down to hide my ears’, you guys really started to bother me with that one.“I’m going to show you that they are normal ears, nothing unusual.”

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