I’m a woman if you are pained unfollow me- Bobrisky slams portable, blocks him

The man, identified as Miss Muyango, shared his journey of transitioning to a woman.

It all began days before his wedding when he woke up to find himself transformed.

He explained that he and his ex had a falling out, leading to their separation.

However, things took a drastic turn when his ex began threatening to cast a spell on him, which eventually led to his transformation.

He said: “Two years ago, I slept waking up, I had turned into a woman there is a girl whom we fell in love and by that time, we were planning our wedding soon but few days later we had some misunderstandings and we decided to part ways.”

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How he got bewitch by the lady he was supposed to marry, he said: ” she told me that she would bewitch me and that was shortly after I rejected her, she went to the witch doctors and bewitched me.

“I slept when i had a male sex organ waking up i found i turned into a woman.”

“She accused me of cheating on her and being a player.”

His mother’s behaviour after his gender changed, he said: “That day i woke up and went straight to mommy’s clothes and she was like are you out of your mind and it happened automatically those witch craft stars never gave me time to think twice about it, I never saw it coming.”

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“The night before i had a change within me , had a sleepless night and woke up late at around noon but when family members saw this they called a group of intercessors to pray for me they came prayed and prayed but still nothing changed.”

“I cried for the whole day, i was worried for the unusual transformation i got when i touched myself i realize i had become a hemophiliac, one side i had a male organ the other side I had the female organ but the female organ was the one which was active.”

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