Israel adopts GPS interference following strike on Iran-Syria

Israel adopts GPS interference following strike on Iran-Syria consulate fearing revenge attack

In response to a strike on an Iranian-Syrian consulate that killed senior military officials, Israel has taken precautionary measures against a potential revenge attack from Iran.

As a result, GPS signals were scrambled over the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, disrupting daily life for residents.

On Thursday, delays in traffic, disrupted food deliveries, and inaccurate location information on transportation applications led to confusion among Tel Aviv residents.

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The scramble was an effort to counter the threat of GPS-navigated drones or missiles that Iran or its allies could potentially use in an attack on Tel Aviv, the country’s economic center.

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While Israel has not issued any new security directives to its citizens following the strike, the military has implemented measures such as pausing leave for combat units and increasing manpower in air defense units. This move comes amidst ongoing tensions and frequent attacks in northern Israel and Eilat – areas vulnerable to rocket and drone fire from Lebanon and Yemen militants.

Despite the lack of public acknowledgment from the military, the GPS disruption in Tel Aviv has sparked conversations and concerns among the city’s residents. This marks the first time in the past six months of the Israel-Hamas conflict that such measures have been extended to Tel Aviv.

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The interference had a widespread impact on various applications like Waze, Google Maps, Gett Taxi, Moovit, and Wolt, further highlighting the disruption caused by the security measures taken in response to potential threats from Iran.

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