It’s only the cry of a baby that can change my life forever- Lady cries over being childless for years

A woman, identified as Asinma Ali from Mbezi, Tanzania, opened up about her struggles with being single despite having been in relationships with many men.

She shared that she has dated a total of nine men, including her ex-boyfriend who recently passed away.

Asinma explained that she began having serious relationships at the age of 24, but things took a troubling turn as each of her partners started dying mysteriously after being intimate with her.

” I don’t understand why every guy I fall in love with ends up dying, It just keeps happening over and over again, It’s not just me who is confused, everyone around me is puzzled about what could be wrong with me, now many people have been making fun of my painful situation By leaving mean comments that became insults as if i can control what is happening.

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“I would also like to have a partner, get married and have a family but it seems to be out of my control, I don’t know how to stop this pattern of my boyfriend’s dying, It makes me very sad and i don’t deserve the hurtful jokes people make about my situation, I wish i could find love that lasts but something always goes wrong no matter what i do, Im at loss for why this keeps happening to me.” She told Afrimax

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