Lady faces heavy backlash after making a case for paternity fraud

A Nigerian lady has come under fire online for endorsing paternity fraud and warning men to stop conducting DNA test for their children.

In a video, the lady claimed that the thing that most perplexes her is why men take DNA tests since in her opinion, they are the ones that cheat the most.

She continued asking a lot of hypothetical questions, such as what if she had made a mistake, what if it was a one time incident, or what if she loved you more than the person she had a child for.

She advised men to stop doing DNA test and love the child because women are good people.

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Her comment drew several criticisms from online users.

Check out some reactions below:

ADEXLINKS said: “You will soon become a mother in law, then we will review your views again.”

press 5 asked: “What if you become barren, at least another man won’t have to deal with your paternity fraud”

angel_michael wrote: “I’m sure she also was a mistake from her mum. Cause I don’t know why u must cheat by mistake”

Iampelumi noted: “What if? 😂 your argument is based on Conditional statement”

Ragazzo said: “Paternity fraud outcome don talk”


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