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Legendary actress and singer, Diana Ross is 80yrs old today.

Celebrating her day on Instagram, her second eldest child, Tracee Ellos ross wrote: “oh how I love you Mom. 80 incredible pictures of you in 80 seconds to celebrate your 80th birthday today ♥️ and also …

“Fun fact about my life: I can ask Google for details about my life that I forget or am unaware of… I found this staggering …Did you know that from 1976 to 1985 (Rhonda was born ‘71, me ‘72, & Chudney ‘75), my mama @dianaross put out an album a year, did multiple tours, produced and starred in a variety of TV specials, shot Mahogany and The Wiz, produced her legendary 1983 Central Park concert with an estimated 800,000 attendees (when the first night of the show got rained out, she chose to pay for and re-do it the next night), left Motown, purchased an entire floor of a prestigious Fifth Avenue building, bought an estate outside of New York, and an office building where she where she manufactured Diana Ross Pantyhose and other merchandise, and other huge personal life moments?

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“This was at a time when women couldn’t apply for credit or serve on a jury, and didn’t have access to birth control but could get fired for being pregnant. (Mind blown)

“By 1977, she’d launched herself into a wildly successful, independent life as an artist, a mother and a Black woman. She had a huge iconic career on her shoulders, with no manager, no partner, by the end of that decade no mother, and three little girls to raise.

“And those are just some of the Google headlines. What’s not available on Google is that she was also waking us up for school (she is the best waker-upper), having family dinner and bath time, recording while we slept, planning our birthday parties, play dates, doctor’s appointments, settling arguments between siblings…you know, all the mom stuff.

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“Amidst shattering records, breaking glass ceilings, and setting a new bar for style and glamour, we, her children, were always her priority. As I often say, “Diana Ross” the beloved global icon is legendary but she doesn’t hold a candle to my Mama.”

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