My baby daddy has 71 children with different women, I have 2 kids with him, we are happy together

A lady identified as Lorella Palmers has openly shared her decision to not have children, citing several reasons for her choice. She expressed that she considers herself to be a bit selfish because she values her sleep, personal time, and freedom.

A someone who doesn’t want children, she feels that she can fully enjoy these aspects of her life without the responsibilities and commitments that come with parenthood.

She said: “No. 1, Im selfish, I think a lot of people aren’t happy to me they are selfish, then they have kids and they do nothing but complain, by selfish i mean I enjoy my own sleep, my own time and my own money and kids take all that away so unless you are willing to give that all away because kids deserves everything, if you decide to bring them to the planet, You shouldn’t have them.”

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“They are so expensive, I know what it like to go quite poor, i would rather go on holiday than pay for a kid.”

Talking on how her body changes after having children, she said: “Why would i push something out of my hoo ha and expand my stomach and my cherries and everything else on me, that’s gonna just change.”

“The world is a bad place, the world is really really a bad place do i need to explain that one?, Bringing war poverty, men with podcasts like you can’t control that you can be the best parent eeverand your child can seriously still grow up with some bad issues and bad things going on.” she said

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How having a child can affect her mental health while narrating her past trauma, she said: “Tell me how you are meant to educate a child on what mental health ius without giving them ideas about the bad things that are out there but without making them naive … You can’t, there are the kids that grew up with mental health and they are some kids that have no idea about what mental health is?

“there is no in between my family trauma, i’ve done a few digits on this they went viral, if you are interested in my family trauma feel free to go and have a look if by some weird miracle i end up having a child and i actually like it I will tell that child that some of my family members are unalive.

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“Even if they are here because o refuse to tell my children about those nasty people that I’m related to It would genuinely easier to tell them they are not here and i don’t have to do that so that’s a very big one for me.”

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