“My Biggest Rèd Flag Is A Woman That Cannot Spènd On Me”


Joeboy, a popular Nigerian singer also known by his real name as Joseph Akinfenwa-Donus, has stated that his warning sign in a relationship is when a woman doesn’t contribute financially.

It’s interesting to hear Joeboy’s perspective on relationships. Everyone has their own criteria for what they value in a partner. It seems like for him, reciprocity in spending is important for balance in a relationship.

In an interview with Tacha Akide on CoolFm Lagos, Joeboy shared this perspective on relationships.

During their conversation covering various topics, Tacha asked Joeboy about his red flags in relationships, prompting his response regarding financial contribution from a partner.

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Joeboy expressed that a woman who doesn’t contribute financially in the relationship is a turn-off for him.

He clarified that he doesn’t necessarily expect all of her money, as he believes in maintaining balance in their financial contributions within the relationship.

Yet, he emphasizes the importance of knowing that whatever he offers in the relationship, she is also capable of reciprocating in some form.

Joeboy is currently in a relationship with an undisclosed woman for over two years, and he disclosed that he has spent over N50 million during their time together.


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