News: Mohbad’s Wife Accuses Father-in-law of Bullying, Threats, and Property Grabbing

Omowunmi, the wife of the late singer Mohbad, has made damning allegations against Joseph Aloba, her father-in-law, accusing him of collaborating with individuals who bullied her husband until his untimely demise.

Mohbad, a rising star in the Nigerian music scene, passed away on September 12, 2023, and was laid to rest the following day. His death sparked controversy, including discussions on social media regarding the paternity of his son, Liam.

Joseph Aloba, Mohbad’s father, previously insisted that his son would not be reburied until a DNA test was conducted to ascertain Liam’s paternity. He also called for a police investigation into Omowunmi to determine the cause of Mohbad’s death.

Despite Omowunmi’s agreement to the DNA test, she requested that it be conducted at three different hospitals. A Lagos state court recently agreed to hear Aloba’s plea for a DNA test on Mohbad’s son.

In a recent viral video, Omowunmi alleged that Aloba collaborated with certain individuals to bully her and her son Liam on social media platforms. She claimed that Aloba’s motive for delaying the DNA test on Liam was to gain control of Mohbad’s properties, viewing his grandson as a threat and competitor.

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Furthermore, Omowunmi requested Aloba to obtain a court order for the DNA test on Liam.

“Do not come for Liam because I will fight for him with all my life. Please tell Baba to bring a court order for a DNA to be done. He is not getting the court order because my son is getting bashed daily,” Omowunmi asserted in the video.

“He sees Liam as a competitor, a threat. Everybody is telling me to keep shut I cannot keep shut anymore. Even if they are going to kill me do not let them kill Liam. He is all I have got.

“Baba is happy that he is using his son’s death to make money online. Everyone bashing me, will you be safe to take your son to someone who is using online bloggers to bully me? He has been working hand in hand with people that we all know.

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“Baba has been working with those people who bullied Liam’s father for many years. He was also seen with the same person who fought with his son 48 hours before his son’s death which led to us calling a nurse. Baba is all about getting his son’s property even if it means getting me and Liam out of the way.”

Furthermore, Omowunmi in a lengthy post accused Aloba of exploiting Mohbad’s death for financial gain online and alleged that he had been collaborating with individuals who had previously bullied Mohbad.

She claimed that she and her son were facing severe threats and called on the Nigerian Police Force to ensure their safety.

“Do you think Liam would ever call you his grandfather after justice has been served and DNA has been done? Go and get the court order cos it’s time I put my enemies to shame!” the lengthy post reads in part.

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“I am determined to seek justice for the suspicious circumstances surrounding my husband’s demise, and I refuse to remain silent until the truth is revealed and accountability is served. However, my very life, as well as that of my son, is under severe threat, and our freedom has been stripped away,” she added.

“I implore the Nigerian Police Force to intervene swiftly and decisively to ensure our safety and to conduct a thorough investigation into my husband’s death. Additionally, I humbly appeal to the compassionate hearts of my fellow Nigerians to rally around us in solidarity and support. The weight of these threats is suffocating, and I am in desperate need of assistance.

“Please, let us stand together to uphold justice, protect the innocent, and preserve the sanctity of life.”

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