Nigerian lady overjoyed as her elder sister gives birth to triplets after 16 years of marriage

  • Nigerian lady Zinny Uzoigwe celebrates after her elder sister Endaline Eze gave birth to triplets after 16 years of marriage.
  • She expressed gratitude to her brother-in-law, Eze Marcellinus, for his patience and support during the years of waiting.

Zinny Uzoigwe, a Nigerian lady, is overjoyed after her elder sister, Endaline Eze, gave birth to triplets after 16 years of marriage.

She also complimented her brother-in-law, Eze Marcellinus, for standing patiently by his wife over the years of waiting.

Sharing the good news, she penned

“Jesus igweeeeeeeee. Our 16yrs of Childlessness Yielded TRIPLETS. Isn’t God Awesome? C’mon he’s more than joor,” she wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday, April 3, 2024.

“Indeed what God cannot do doesn’t exist. Dearest people of God, Awwwww, My Joy knows no bound. So I literally carried Triplets with this my two hands in this life

“Oh Jesus, thank you Chukwuoma, Obinigwe, ogaranya-Ngada, Ebekue dike ozaaa. Thank you Lord, if not for you?

NB: if you see any typographical error’s bikonu mke u use dat one hold bodi, na wetin happiness dey cause mbok

U see in this life, just pray to God to give you ur own partner “YOUR OWN” cos if u marry anoda persin property, u go suffer

For the past 16 solid years that my sis has been crying, this awesome man, Eze Marcellinus, A noble Man, Awwww Nwokeoma that God used to beautify my Sister’s life, Odogwu Nwoke, thank you for not stressing my sis. Eze Endaline not even for a day, you’ve been her Energy Power booster

God bless ur goin out & Comin Sir. She told me that each time she’s moody, you always console & assure her that God will do it.
& God did it & He will definitely do it again & again for all those in need

To My beautiful Triplets, congratulations on ur sacrament of Baptism

Welcome into the body of Christ. My God will definitely shield you cuties from the eyes of the evil ones

Anyone born of a woman or sprung from the seas that will ever wink at u cuties, will forever ever go blind. Psa 51, 91 upon you all, Oh Jesus, thank you. Lovers of good news, Thank God with me.”

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