Port damaged in Taiwan quake

Yesterday’s 7.4 earthquake which struck northeast Taiwan has damaged some berths at Hualien port.

The quake, the most powerful to hit the island for 25 years, resulted in several wharfs bulging at Hualien, according to Wilhelmsen Port Services.

The damaged berths are used for sand, bulk cargo discharging, and cruise operations. 

One pier (pictured) collapsed by about 50 cm, while authorities are checking for a suspected rupture of an oil pipeline. An entrance road to the port was also damaged.

As a result, port operations are currently suspended, and vessels are only permitted to depart, not enter. 

Apart from Hualien, no damage has been reported at other ports across Taiwan.

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At least nine people were killed and more than 1,000 injured when the quake hit 18km south of Hualien yesterday morning.

More than 90 people are still understood to be trapped in collapsed tunnels and roads along the coastline.

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