Premier League penalties awarded: Where Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Fulham, West Ham and Crystal Palace rank

Penalties have increased as a result of VAR, but who in the Premier League stands to gain the most?

The Premier League’s adoption of VAR has only made fans more irate about penalties, as more are now given than ever before. The outcome of a spot-kick can determine the outcome of even the closest games and have a significant impact on the standings throughout the season.

When it comes to penalties, supporters will always feel that their team is always the victim, and there are notable disparities in the quantity of opportunities each team has had to score from 12 yards out. Although luck will undoubtedly play a role, attacking ability and style of play also have an impact.

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LondonWorld has examined which Premier League teams have been given the most penalties and how successful they are at making conversions, using data from Transfermarkt. Check out your team’s ranking below.


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