Rev. Fr Oluoma Condemns the Idea that the Spiritual Controls the Physical

In a recent post on his official Facebook page, Reverend Father John Chinenye Oluoma, a prominent Catholic priest in Abuja, has condemned the widely held belief that the spiritual realm controls the physical world.

Father Oluoma opened his post with a bold question: “The Spiritual Controls the Physical. Who told you that? How did you arrive at that baseless conclusion?”

He criticized this belief for causing fear and leading people to excessively engage in spiritual practices. He emphasized that humans are the primary agents controlling the physical world.

Citing Genesis 1:28, Father Oluoma highlighted humanity’s divine mandate to “fill the earth and conquer it.” He elaborated that all aspects of daily life-markets, food production, transportation, communication, entertainment, government, and places of worship-are created and maintained by human beings, not spiritual entities.

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He challenged readers to identify anything in their earthly lives made by a spiritual being, underscoring the human role in physical creation and management.

Father Oluoma also referenced Psalm 24, affirming that while “the earth and its fullness belongs to God,” and Matthew 28, where Jesus states, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me,” only God possesses ultimate control over both realms. He reassured believers that this divine authority is a source of comfort rather than fear.

Concluding his post, Father Oluoma urged his followers to critically evaluate the notion that the spiritual controls the physical. “When next you hear ‘the spiritual controls the physical,’ be reasonable to ask the person how? Don’t have faith alone, have sense too,” he advised.

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Rev. Fr Oluoma Condemns the Idea that the Spiritual Controls the Physical

Rev. Fr Oluoma Condemns the Idea that the Spiritual Controls the Physical

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