Richard M Snider Reign Biography, Obituary, Wiki, Family

Who is Richard M. Snider Reign?

Richard M Snider was a prominent actor and enterpreneneur, he was popular for staring in the movie reign. Richard was born in Walkerton, Ontario Canada. He was raised in Clifford ON, and later settled in Harriston ON. Richard Snider passed away in 2015 after a brief illness.

Richard M Snider Biography and Wikipedia

Snider was brought up in Clifford, Ontario, Canada in 1951. Soon after he settled in Harriston. After his death, he was survived by his Wife Cathy, and his children, Mitchell Snider, Richardson Chad Tailor, Kirby Fischer and his granddaughter, Mya.

Richard’s Career

Snider was a hardworking person, he was well known in the movie industry and amongst all around him. He was a creative entrepreneur visionary, who served at cornerstone greens products & services, operated for stage and screen production, as well as for events like, weddings, receptions, corporate events, sports, public health/hospital, galas, and community workshops.

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The death of Richard Snider was such a hard blow to his family and friends, and those who knew him in the movies. He was a benevolent person who dedicated most of his time in community services.

According to research, Richard was a retired president of R.M Snider builders. He passed away on June 25, 2015 after a brief illness, although the cause of his death wasn’t stated.

Personal Life

There’s no much information about Richard m Snider relationship and personal life. He was more or less the private type of person who kept his personal life away from the media. Richard was remembered in the Season Two, Episode 13 of the movie series, Reign.

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Reign cast: The Rise Of Mary Queen Of Scots

It was solely dedicated to him as a beloved member of the cast. The crew and director of the cast would always miss him for his dedication and hardworking spirit. During the end screen credit, “In memory of Richard m. Snider” was inscripted.

Richard M Snider Obituary and cause of death.

Richard’s death was such a shocking experience to so many who knew him. His obituary was announced soon after his death. Although, there’s no information about the cause of his death.

Richard m snider Reign Biography Obituary Wiki

It was gathered that Richard died after a brief illness. He was born in 1951 and died in 2015. Definitely he will be missed by so many, but his spirit lives on in the lives and projects he left behind.

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FAQs about Snider

1. Is Richard m Snider Reign still alive?

No! Unfortunately, he died in 2015 after a brief illness.

2. Richard m Snider Obituary:

The death of Richie was announced in 2015 after he passed away.

3. Richard m Snider images –

Check our featured Image above for his image.

4. Richard M. Snider Wikipedia.

He was born in Walkerton ON, raised in Clifford Ontario Canada. Lived through 1951-2015.

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