SAD END: Nigerian Policeman Dies Inside Train (DETAILS)

One of the policemen on escort duty on an Abuja-Kaduna bound train has been confirmed dead….CONTINUE READING

According to a passenger, the policeman, whose identity was yet to be identified as at the time of writing this report, died on Thursday morning after complaining of chest pain.

A passenger, who witnessed the incident, said when the train left Kaduna, there was no sign that the deceased was unwell.

The witness said the late officer later complained of chest pain and sought help before he died.

“A police officer, who was one of the escorts on a Abuja-Kaduna train just died,” the passenger said.

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“He left home in good health. But later during the journey, he complained of chest pain and asked his colleague to get him some glucose and water.

“There was no emergency medical care on the train. Before a doctor, who was also a passenger, could come, the officer was already dead,” the passenger added.

The remains of the policeman was moved to a side of the train, while his face was covered.

The Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) is yet to speak on the incident.

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