SDP Raises Alarm Over Alleged Attacks on Members Amidst Kogi Election Tribunal Proceedings

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) has voiced serious concerns over reported attacks targeting its members who served as witnesses in the ongoing Kogi State Gubernatorial Election Tribunal convened at the National Judiciary Institute in Abuja.

Addressing the press in Abuja, Alhaji Shehu Musa Gabam, the National Chairman of the SDP, called upon President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the leaders of the nation’s security agencies to intervene in light of the concerning developments for the national interest.

Gabam highlighted a series of alarming incidents following the testimonies given by SDP-affiliated witnesses during the tribunal session on March 28, 2024. These attacks included vandalism, arson, and physical assaults on individuals and their properties across various locations in Kogi State:

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a) Mr. Galadima’s house and shops in Oziokutu were vandalized, with wares set on fire.
b) Hon. Agomi’s properties were removed from his house and set ablaze.
c) The pharmacy belonging to Hon. Mumuni Time at Idoji – Inike junction was vandalized, looted, and burnt.
d) Hon. Mustapha Otinawu’s family house in Ahogede, Idozumi, was attacked and destroyed.
e) Hon. Agomi Yusuf’s rented apartment in Okengwe was raided, with belongings taken outside and burnt.
f) Mr. Dahiru Orietesu’s house in Orietesu was attacked, his properties destroyed, and his pregnant wife severely beaten, resulting in hospitalization.

Expressing deep concern, Gabam appealed to the Inspector General of Police to address the escalating threats to peace and security in Kogi State. He referenced a previous letter dated February 26, 2024, which had highlighted similar concerns and called for urgent intervention to restore law and order.

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The SDP Chairman underscored the audacious nature of the attacks, noting that individuals openly incited violence against SDP members, even using a licensed radio station to issue threats and warnings against testifying in the election petition tribunal.

Gabam reminded authorities of previous instances of violence, including the destruction of the SDP Gubernatorial Secretariat in Lokoja and attacks on the Election Petition Tribunal, prompting the relocation of tribunal proceedings from Lokoja to Abuja by the Federal Government.

The SDP’s appeal underscores the gravity of the situation and the urgent need for decisive action to ensure the safety and security of its members and uphold the integrity of the electoral process in Kogi State.

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