The consequences of new premier league FFP decision on Chelsea as fresh deduction possible

The consequences of new premier league FFP decision on Chelsea as fresh deduction possible

The Premier League’s rampage against clubs continues with Leicester City being the fourth club in the space of 12 months to be charged with breaching financial rules. On Thursday the Foxes learned of the official outcome that many had been expecting for weeks.

“The Premier League has today referred Leicester City FC to an independent Commission for an alleged breach of Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSRs) and for failing to submit their audited financial accounts to the League,” a statement confirmed. “The alleged breach relates to the assessment period ending Season 2022/23, when the club was a member of the Premier League.

“Leicester City were relegated to the EFL Championship prior to the introduction of the Premier League’s new Standard Directions, which prescribe a timeline within which PSR cases should be heard. Therefore, the proceedings will be conducted in accordance with a timetable to be set by the independent Commission, and its final decision will be published on the Premier League’s website.”

The 2015/16 champions, relegated last year at the expense of Everton – controversially after the Toffees were later docked points that under new guidelines would have been applied to the current term – have responded. The club said they were, “surprised at the actions,” and are, “extremely disappointed,” at the timing of the action, “despite the Club’s efforts to engage constructively with the Premier League in relation to the matters that are the subject of this charge, even though LCFC is not currently a Premier League club.”

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It was another strong statement issued against the hand that feeds but leaves much to be answered. There are now still four ongoing high-profile cases with the Premier League despite one of those being in regards to a team outside of its own constituency, so to speak.

Everton were docked 10 points but had that reduced to six on appeal. Their second case remains open though, and they are yet to learn the outcome of that, let alone appeal the decision as expected if it is not in their favour. Nottingham Forest, meanwhile, have been deducted just four points for their own wrongdoings but are once again headed back into an appeal.

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Manchester City and their 115 charges remain a totally different ball game entirely but still rumble on in the background. Meanwhile, there are 17 other Premier League clubs and 23 in the Championship that are looking on and waiting for definitive verdicts to be reached.

The title race looks set to be unaffected by the City case this season with no trial planned until the summer – something which will continue to anger Arsenal fans as they keep pushing Pep Guardiola’s side to the limit and were within reach that could be bridged by a possible deduction last term as well as leading them narrowly currently. But moving forward it will also have large implications.

Chelsea themselves are forecasted to push the £105million allowed loss-making threshold over a rolling three-year period extremely close for the next PSR window which ends June 30, 2024. Their historic allegations of misdeeds during the Roman Abramovich era could also yet be brought into the light and carry sanctions, though that is again very much a separate case and not being analysed in the same way just yet.

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Ultimately, Leicester’s charge will do nothing to affect the current season. The Foxes are extremely unlikely to find out their outcome in time for any punishments to impact the 2023/24 table, and even if things did happen at speed, they would fight against the Premier League being able to hand out a punishment onto an EFL club anyway.

There is, though, a chance that Leicester, should they be promoted, would start the new season in August with a points deduction. That feels a long way off in many senses though.

The real threat to top-tier sides is the willingness of the league to keep on pushing on in increasingly open ways against their own members – or former members, as Leicester are. It is yet another warning to those competing and close to overstepping the mark that there will be little leniency towards going to war.

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