Wife Blames Hubby For “Mischief” After DNA Results Show She Got Baby With Another Man

A woman could not hide her rage after facing an embarrassing moment in the presence of her in-laws
This is after the results of a DNA test carried out on her baby revealed that her husband did not sire the child….CONTINUE READING

The scorned woman accused her husband of manipulating the DNA results, a claim that the man’s family members dismissed

A mother was furious after DNA test results came out showing her husband was not the biological father of her child.

The couple had sought the help of The DNA Show to solve a paternity issue that had remained in question for a while.

According to the video, the bone of contention was the baby’s recurrent illness, something that bothered the family.

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Caught in the lie, the woman accused the husband, Oliver, of mischief, adding that she was not surprised the results had turned out as they were.

The man’s relatives defended him, questioning whether they had enough money to bribe the renowned presenter.

They also wondered whether it is possible for someone to bribe for results in a matter involving their own blood.

The family members urged the woman to accept the results, as much as they had gone against her expectations.

With the ugly truth out, the husband explained that the source of the illness was the baby’s name.

Despite being angry at the woman, they promised to continue treating her as a friend since she was their daughter-in-law before the results.

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Elsewhere, a man who secretly took his three children for a DNA test shockingly discovered that he was not their biological father.

The man was said to have gone to the hospital for a comprehensive health check on the children and decided to run a DNA test.

After the test, he was informed that the children belonged to someone else, meaning his wife had cheated on him.

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