“You All Are Màd, I Will Nèver Do Any DNA Test And You Can’t Førce Me To Do It”

Few days after Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, told her father-in-law that she was ready to take a DNA test, makes a U-turn and said nobody can force her to run a DNA test on her son, Liam.

The mother of one who revealed that she was dis-virgin by the late singer, stated this in an audio interview that is currently circulating the internet.

Wunmi made it clear that Liam is her son and that she is the child’s biological mother.

She declared that those advocating for the child to undergo a DNA test ought to leave her alone, as they lack the authority to force her to submit to the test.

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Wunmi said;

“Mohbad was my husband till deáth. He put a ring on my finger and he deflowered me. He was the only man that ever saw my nakédness. I am the mother of my son. None of you have the right to tell me to do DNA except I wish to. You all are mad. Liam will never be a victim like his father, he will be a victor. I don’t have any money to give bloggers but genuine fãthers and mothers are supporting me”.

Listen to the audio below;

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