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Averly Morillo is a popular Dominican gospel musician, singer and songwriter who is based in New York City. Her musical talent made her a music star even when she was still a teenager.

Averly began her career during the COVID lockdown period in 2020. She also kept herself busy writing songs and playing her acoustic guitar.

Little did she know her breakthrough in the music industry was going to be sooner rather than later.

She would always record herself playing the songs she wrote and most of the time covers of other gospel songs, and post them online to cheer up her friends and family who lived far from home during lockdown.

Her talent was discovered on Instagram by a famous Dominican producer whose name is Robert Green.

Biography and Early Life of Averly Morillo

Born on September 24, 2004, Averly Morillo, a popular Dominican gospel musician, began her music career during the lockdown. She is currently based in New York City with her family. Morillo was just 16-year-old when she began singing.

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Averly was born into a very religious Christian family. Her parents raised her in the fear of the Lord. Her dressing, her lyrics and everything entails the type of upbringing she had.

Being someone who was born into a very religious and devoted Christian family, the message in her songs are full of spiritual words and prayers.

Her parents lives with her in New York City where she grew up. However, there’s no information about her background except that she comes from a religious Christian family.  She might also have siblings but there’s nothing much to write about them.

Averly Morillo’s Type of  Music 

Averly Morillo’s music lyrics invoke a sense of worship, prayers and hope to her listeners. She speaks every word with wisdom from the spiritual realm. Making her audience connect to the invisible presence.

Music Career Debut

According to sources, Averly Morillo’s debut single  “Ante Tú altar”, was released in 2021. This brought her massive recognition in the Dominican music industry.

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Her talent manager and producer, Robert Green later signed Averly under his record label which pupurpose is to help her discover more of her talent.

She is currently signed under Green Music LLC owned by Robert Green. According to our sources, her music video for “Ante Tú altar” was recorded in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, at the Tabernacle of Worship (TBA).

Averly Morillo’s songs 

Since her debut single, she has gone on to release a number of songs which include the following:

1.El Manto del Rey

2.Santo Espíritu



As of 2024, her top Most trending song all over Tiktok and other social media is none other than “Mesias“. She has gain millions of streams from this particular hit song.

The gospel songwriter is yet to release an album which her fans have been anticipating for. Her musical talent and live performances on stage leaves fans wanting to listen to her more and more.

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Who is Averly Morillo’s Boyfriend or Spouse?

Currently, there’s not much information about her personal life, including dating or past relationships. She might be dating but hasn’t made known her boyfriend yet.

What is Averly Morillo’s Net Worth 

As of 2024, Averly has an estimated net worth of  $500,000 to $1 million. Over the years, she has gain massive recognition and popularity in pursuit of her music career.

Does Averly Morillo have a Wikipedia page?

No, she currently doesn’t have a profile on Wikipedia as they might still be gathering information  about her.

Real name:  Averly Morillo

Place of birth: Dominican City

Country of residence: New York City,  United States

Date of Birth: September 24, 2004 (age 20)

Career: Signger, Songwriter, Stage Performer.

Genre: Gospel

Religion: Christian

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