I lost a good man because of my ex-boyfriend- Lady shed tears as boyfriend cheated on her

An American woman, Merilyn revealed about the critics she faced when she travelled all the way from america to africa to marry an homeless man.

“When people found out I was dating an african off course i wasn’t accepted everywhere so much but i knew God was by my side.” she said


Her husband, Elvis Aluzimbi grew up in kenya but narrated that life was too tough for him which he ended up doing bad things involved in street crime.

He said: “I was using d**gs, taking weed .

“The things that attracted me most to her it was she used to come to the kitchen to help me in cutting cabbages, carrots and i was like this lady, she can be a good wife. so in the kitchen we were friends meeting outside out from the organization, compound, meeting out, having some time.”

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“Then the day came where we were going for a mission, i think that day was was the day they announced covid 19 in kenya and one day when we were going for a mission in makueni we were going with a bus sitting on the same seat and that is the day i asked about marrying her”

On her part she said: ” Covid hit i got an email that my flight was canceled, i was not scared because i felt like it was a reason that COVID came because i know if i was going home at that time I wouldn’t know elvis like i would have known If I had the more time i would have been more sure is the person that is for me.

“I was not scared because i had a place to stay I had friends who loved me cause i had elvis I had no worries, i ended up being here for 3 months for another three months and elvis and i got very serious in our relationship we knew we wanted to pursue this, we look at all the challenges of you know, my side and his side and all those things, we prayed about it so much there was one week that we didn’t contact each other, we prayed about our relationship, we took one week because we truly wanted to know is this what God has for us .. is this his desire for us … after we got back together, we shared what we were feeling, how god was leading us and we felt like god was just leading us together and we had no issues of not pursuing our relationship and we felt like God was in the middle of it.. so that’s how we continued.”

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Their vision having a family, Merylin said: About the vision for our family odd course i stand behind my husband I want to support him because i know he has great desires and his desires are my desires as well he also mentioned that he wants 4 boys for me i would love to be a boy mum if god blesses us with 4 boys that was going to be well and good ….. but there is that one little thing in me that at least I want one girl but whatever God brings for us we will be happy and we will teach them.”

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