Breaking News: What Antony did during international break speaks volumes after Manchester United criticism

Despite his struggles since making the high-profile transfer to Manchester United, Antony seems to be making every effort to salvage his career at Old Trafford.

Antony is stepping up his work to revive his Manchester United career (Image: Ash Donelon/Manchester United via Getty Images)

During the international break, Antony, a winger for Manchester United, has been putting a lot of effort into getting better.

After spending £85 million to move from Ajax to United in 2022, Antony has only scored 10 goals overall. Due to his poor play, he has lost his spot in the starting lineup; Amad is the most recent player to challenge him for a spot in the team.

Erik ten Hag may not be able to continue supporting Antony at Old Trafford, though. Many supporters have expressed their opinion that he needs to get better, and Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer, a former forward for Newcastle United, has also been outspoken in his criticism of the Brazilian.

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Nonetheless, Antony is hoping that his recent FA Cup goal against Liverpool will help him get back on track. The Brazilian has made some additional efforts in an attempt to get back into the starting lineup.

Antony was not playing for Brazil in the March international break. He then proceeded to the Fisio Clinic in Madeira, which is a specialized training facility and is the childhood home of former United forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

With numerous locations throughout Europe, The Fisio Clinic assists clients in recuperating from injuries, completing physiotherapy sessions, and achieving peak physical performance. A recent social media post from the clinic featured Antony performing strength and conditioning exercises.

The renowned international athlete Antony Santos is cordially welcomed to our Performance Medical Gym! The caption said, “At our facility, we’re always looking to improve training standards and support athletes in reaching new performance levels.

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“Having a player with Antony Santos’ caliber of talent only makes us more dedicated to excellence. We are appreciative that you decided to train at our clinic. Having you with us was an honor!”

Only a few weeks ago, Antony was criticized for his performance against Nottingham Forest. Now, he is traveling to the island. The winger’s substitution during the victory at the City Ground drew criticism from Alan Shearer, a Newcastle legend.

He said: “He may be upset that he’s leaving, but he hasn’t performed well enough to be on the field tonight. The same old, same old: catch the ball, enter, pass it to a colleague, or take a shot. When you cost that much money, it is insufficient.”

Shearer has expressed dissatisfaction with the Brazilian’s performance, but manager Ten Hag is sticking by his struggling player. The manager thinks Antony’s goal against Liverpool will help him advance in his United career.

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“Despite being in a difficult situation, you can see that he is fighting for his rights and trying to help out. He had such difficulty. First of all, he was not himself, and that is his fault. Ten Hag remarked, “And then he lost confidence, and now he has to fight back.”

“He has been back for the past two weeks, as we have seen. In training, I see the same Antony that I worked with during my time at Ajax and during my initial weeks here. You’ve seen that objective, so he needs to fight back, and I have no doubt that he will.”

As Antony looks to prove he can still play at Old Trafford, he will be hoping that his efforts have paid off.

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