How To Toast A Nigerian Girl And Get Her At First Attempt

This is a tested and trusted method used by smart guys to get any girl they want. So there’s this Nigerian girl you have got your eyes on and you are at loss on how to go about it? Lets help you out. Getting a girl could be dicey depending on the girl in question….CONTINUE READING

So here’s the guide on how to get that Nigerian girl.


So before we start the whole “i think we are meant to be talk’,lets find our girl. Our girl could be a school mate,a colleague at work or a lady you just bumped into.So once we’ve seen or meet her then we can start.


So you have sighted your Nigerian girl. Say hello, please don’t be all in her space. A polite and friendly ‘hello” would do. So she acknowledges you.

That’s good, start a conversation get to know her name give your name, something about the weather or normal happenings. Nothing intense just the basics. Choosing the conversation is key. You’ve got to be a little intelligent on this one because you do not want to start talking about something she does not understand or like. So keep the topic simple.

Pass a compliment,a truthful compliment on her hair or clothing nothing suggestive please.

If she is with a book you can ask if she likes books, favourite author and the likes.Crack a joke,she may find you funny. Girls like funny guys.

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So breaking the ice may not be so fast but persistence is key guys,keep at it.Once the ice is broken then we move on to the next stage.

I must add at this point people generally judge by sight,so please be presentable,look sharp and be confident,girls generally love sharp and confident guys.Pop a breath mint,good breath says a whole lot guys.


You want to see her again right? Sure yes. How do you get her number?

You can ask in a cool way “may i have your number?” not “give me your number” be polite guys. If she says ok good if she doesn’t move on.


At this point we know her name,a little about her.
Now you can say a little about this Nigerian girl.At this point you can call her up or send text messages.Please guys do not be too intense easy does it.

It is key not to seem like a predator.Just call or text enough for her to remember you.You may call like thrice a week and probably chat her up via text or social media.

Just don’t encroach the Nigerian girl. As time goes on depending on how receptive she is of you,you can invite her for lunch or go see a movie together, depending on her likes which you may have discovered at this point.

Please don’t invite her to shady places okay and daylight engagements only because neither you nor her are vampires.

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Skip the night engagements for now.At this point do not ask her to be your girl yet.


Yes guys the knowing part may take a while depending on the Nigerian girl in question and your intention.

Now if she is like most Nigerian girls,apologies to my ladies all you may need to do will probably be take her shopping,spend money on her and she is yours.

But if she is not like most Nigerian girls,this part is for you.
This type of Nigerian girl would most likely be hard to impress and hard to get.A typical Nigerian girl in this category would be intelligent,focused and not about the money.

So if this is the Nigerian girl you are after,your in the right place guys.Lets walk you through.
Get to know her hobbies and what she is interested in, this will give you an idea of her intelligence level, if she starts saying things like i like rock, do not alarmed yeah there are Nigerian girls that like rock.

I work out religiously, i have a small business, whatever her interest is get to know about it so you have something to talk about,the more you both have something to talk about the more your chances of getting her.

You may want to up your game a little on this one guys,this type of Nigerian girl is not cash and carry.So basically know her interests, start an intelligent conversation, do not be too overbearing and in her space and take it slow.

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When she starts falling for you too you’ll have her calling you once in a while asking if you are free for lunch,thats the whole idea isn’t it?


At this point the Nigerian girl should be into you already, most likely she is expecting you to pop the question,at any moment and most likely be wondering why you haven’t.So guys still keep it cool.

Okay you can ask now.When asking the question,make it sound like she is the most special person ever,it should be in person,rather than a during a call or by text.

Doing it in person shows you are confident.So maybe at lunch or a hang out you can pop up the “will you be my buttercup, angel.. fix your words just make sure you are romantic and polite.

Try and look into her eyes when making your request. Another thing monitor her mood before asking you don’t want to make your request when she is not in the mood for love talk.

Its a wrap guys,a quick rundown,you can get any Nigerian girl you want,Sight your Nigerian girl,get to know her,be her friend,then ask her to be yours and be charming and graceful all the time.

So what are you waiting for get your Nigerian girl,she is waiting for you.

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