Slain Soldiers: “General Amagbein” is the mastermind who executed the killing with his boys – Musa

A militant leader known as “General Amagbein” has been identified as the mastermind behind the massacre of soldiers in Okuama village, according to General Christopher Musa, who is the Chief of Defense Staff. He divulged the information that Amagbein and his accomplices were the ones responsible for the planning and execution of the attacks.

During an interview with Arise TV, General Musa stressed how important it is to hold all responsible parties accountable for the activities that they have undertaken. He brought attention to the fact that variables that contributed to the violence included cultism as well as other illicit activities that were prominent in the area. In addition to assuring the Nigerian people that Amagbein and his friends would be subjected to the full force of the law, he encouraged them to refrain from supporting entities that were involved in criminal activity.

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In General Christopher Musa’s words: “[General Amagbein] is the mastermind who executed this [the killing of soldiers] with his boys. You know they have a lot of issues of cultism within the general area. Because they were making money illegally they feel that they are above board but that is one mistake they have made. They have tried the wrong guys and this time around the full weight of the law is coming after him and his own team. That is why we want to appeal to Nigerians, please do not support them”

You can watch the video of the interview from 22:22

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