“I thought your property is mine” – Lady disappointed as boyfriend scolds her for wearing his earrings

Young girl describes how her boyfriend reacted when she wore his earrings to class without his consent.

Apparently, the lady took her boyfriend’s earrings without his permission, which upset him.

He wrote her a note chastising her for removing his belongings and warning her not to do it again.

The boyfriend had planned to rock it out as well, but when he found out what she did, he was not pleased.

The enraged boyfriend stated that soon as he was ready to depart, he noticed his earrings were stolen.

He grabbed his phone and sent her a voice message, telling her how upset and disgusted he was with everything.

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The boyfriend stated:

“Make thunder no fire you. You go wear my earring dey go school. I wan commot, I no get earrings to wear.”

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@Rotimi said: “Hehayyy lol.”

@Pweety_Emmy reacted: “So funny.”

@The only Famous Angel said: “You sef why u wear hin earring?”

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