“This Boy Can’t Be My Son”: Nigerian Mum Cries Out After Taking Toddler To Grandma’s House In Video

A Nigerian mother has shared a video showing her son’s transformation after visiting his grandmother’s place….CONTINUE READING

In the video, the mother expressed her shock and doubted if he was the same boy she brought to see his grandmother.

The mum identified as @ blessingella04 on TikTok first showcased how good her son looked before she took him to his grandmother’s house.

However, she returned to meet the unexpected sight of her toddler playing outside the house and looking so different.

The boy only had a T-shirt on and was walking around the sandy ground on bare feet.

He however seemed to be enjoying the freedom he was exposed to at his grandmother’s village abode.

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The video was captioned:

“The son I took to his grandma’s house VS The son I met when I came to pick him up. This boy can’t be my son.”

Watch the video below:


This boy can’t be my son 🧐🙆‍♀️😭#viraltiktokvideo #fypシ゚viral #trending #fyp

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The TikTok video stirred reactions from netizens who believed that the boy was exposed to freedom in his grandmother’s house.

Presh kenny reacted:

“Trust me na the grandma’s version the baby like.”

Feyi Agoro Fayemi said:

“You will have to look for the glasses, trouser, cap yourself oo or else you’ll collect them next visit.”

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Meshack Chinonso said:

“You took Pablo to grandma. Grandma give am freedom he turn to ogbuefi grandma love.”

Ozumba reacted:

“The boy will be like I want to stay here forever so no one will stop him from playing.”

GI said:

“Wait until he tells u he wants grandma.”

Import with Ruona’s delite said:

“Ahh you’ve not met harmony @Mama @Goodness| Your PacketHair Plug should i expose your nephew.”

Gallant love said:

“Grand ma don remould am.”

Ekpechi Natasha said:

“Dey already prepared hot water in d red bucket with sponge near d car. Just soak him inside.”

Lenny reacted:

“Free in grandma’s house than yours.”

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Jennifer Ifeoma Essu said:

“Grandma turned him to the little baby hes supposed to be.”

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a baby’s ‘before and after’ look after visiting her grandmother ignited tons of reactions from internet users.

Tawa said she could not hide her tears when she returned to take her child but discovered that her grandma had shaved her hair.

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