“I Was Ûnconscious For 2 Days After Helping Fàke Prègnant Woman In Lagos” – 43-yr-old Man Says

Eguono Onodjae, a 43-year-old Toyota driver from Lagos, has described how assisting a pregnant lady near the Iyana Ipaja terminal bridge left him unconscious for two days.

He claimed that after offering to give a pregnant woman and her child who was waiting at the terminal bridge a ride in his car, he was rendered unconscious for several days.

Eguono gave newsmen an explanation, saying, “It happened on Tuesday night My home is in Abule Egba. For an official assignment, I drove to Alausa.

“On the way back, I made the decision to park at an Egbeda gas station and take the bus to Coconut in Apapa.

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“After my engagement at Coconut, I came back to the filling station, picked up my car, and headed back home. This was about 9:20 pm. While driving, I saw a woman, pregnant with a boy beside her. I believe they were also heading to Abule Egba, my destination. To help, I stopped and unlocked my car with my car window down and told her to enter.

“Immediately after she entered the front seat, some guys rushed themselves and joined her, opening my back door. All I could remember was that the supposed pregnant woman poured something pepperish on my eyes and used a handkerchief to cover my face.

“The energy and force she used showed that she was not pregnant, and they pushed me to the ground. Luckily, according to the police officer who helped me, I was not pushed onto the expressway but to the side.”

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Continuing, Eguono added, “While I was on the ground, my car was driven away, but my car key is a sensor. It does not use a key. And my car key sensor was in my pocket. There is a point where if you drive the car without the sensor key close to it, it will stop. So they drove my car to the Fagba area, and it stopped on the way. However, my phone, voter’s card, and my wallet were in the car, which they took away.

“According to some patrol policemen, around 2 am, they saw me on the ground at first, and their lights shined on me, causing them to reverse and see that I was still breathing. They were the ones who took me to a hospital in Agege where I was unconscious for two days. They gave me a police report and told me to visit any hospital of my choice. I just got my car today with the help of the police.”

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