News: Tinubu Almost Single-Handedly Funded His Campaign Which Is What Earned Him The Authority-Salihu Lukman (Watch Video)

According to report from AIT, in a recent development within the All Progressives Congress (APC), Salihu Lukman, the party’s former Vice Chairman for the North-West region, has made significant revelation regarding the funding of election campaigns. Lukman claims that despite a substantial mobilization of funds, amounting to over 30 billion Naira, the party did not allocate financial support to its presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, or any other candidates during the election period.

The revelation were brought to light in a video disseminated by AIT, where Lukman attributes the financing of Tinubu’s campaign to the candidate himself. This self-funding, Lukman suggests, has led to Tinubu acquiring considerable sway within the APC. The financial autonomy reportedly enjoyed by Tinubu has, according to Lukman, diminished the party’s leverage over his actions.

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In his word, “Even when we mobilized more than N30 billion throughout the election season we didn’t contribute a dime to Tinubu or other candidates of the party during the election. Let anybody come and dispute it. President Tinubu almost single-handedly funded his campaign which is what earned him the authority he has now in APC to the extent that almost everybody in the party is weak in terms of influencing his conduct because the party didn’t earn its space.”

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