Raising my children without their father is very painful to me- Lady laments

Kelsey Parker, a single mother, shared the challenges of raising her children alone after the death of her husband, Tom Parker, who tragically passed away from brain cancer at the age of 33 and was diagnosed with the condition when she was 35 weeks pregnant.

In a chat with Fabulous, she opened up about the difficulty of navigating life without her husband and revealed that their children, Aurelia and Bodhi, still fondly remember and talk about their late father.

She said: “We still talk about Tom every day

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“I do find music quite painful to listen to, having two young kids and being a solo parent we talk about Tom all the time to keep his memory alive.”

Kelsey disclosed that she also wrote a book for her kids “With and without you” which talks about her late husband and hope her kids who appreciate it when they grow older.

“I wrote a book so the kids can read about him. For my kids, they will be able to see what I went through and see more about our relationship.” she added

How she felt with after hearing the passing of her husband, she said: “It ripped our whole family apart, just surviving on my own and being the mum and the dad is so tough.”

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