Zimbabwean Man Cømmits Sûicide During Facebook Live After He Càught His Girlfriend Chèating (Video)


In a sad information reaching Becksblog.com.ng, that a Zimbabwean man, identified as Kelvin Mhofu Ngoshi, residing in South Africa, tragically ended his life during a Facebook live over the weekend after reportedly learning of his girlfriend’s alleged infidelity.

Report says Ngoshi was deeply shocked upon discovering that his partner, known only as Kudzi, was allegedly involved in another relationship. Following their breakup, Kudzi reportedly sought revenge by informing South African law enforcement authorities about Ngoshi’s alleged involvement in illegal coal dealings, potentially leading to his arrest.

“In the Video, he didn’t say a word. He just filmed himself drinking what people initially believed to be a regular Coca-Cola, but they later realised that the beverage had been laced with some form of poison. He later died, leaving behind a young daughter,” Crime Watch Zimbabwe said.

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The couple reportedly began their relationship in 2016 and took a break for a period of time. However, they reconciled and got back together in 2023.

“Unfortunately, reports suggest that Kelvin was involved in some illegal coal deals in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

“On top of cheating on Kelvin, Kudzi also reportedly informed authorities about Kelvin’s (illegal) coal business, which put him in a difficult situation. This eventually led him to commit suicide”.

Kelvin, who is survived by a young daughter and a sister currently fighting cancer, served as the sole provider for his family as both his parents had passed away.

Watch the video below;

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