Breaking: Mohbad’s Father Defends Wearing Late Son’s Clothes

Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer Mohbad, has addressed critics who questioned why he wears his son’s clothes since his passing in September 2023.

Mohbad, who tragically passed away at the age of 27, was laid to rest on September 13, 2023. However, his body was exhumed by the police on September 21 for an autopsy, with results awaited.

In a recent interview with blogger Kachiwire, Aloba opened up about his relationship with his late son and defended his decision to wear Mohbad’s clothes.

Describing Mohbad as more than just a son but also a close friend, Aloba explained that their shared bond extended to sharing clothes due to their similar sizes.

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“He is my son. I can wear his clothes. We are the same size. And anybody that has that kind of a son and cannot share with, that means that person does not love his son. So we are together,” Aloba stated.

Reflecting on their relationship, Aloba recounted a touching moment when Mohbad bought him shoes for an introduction ceremony, emphasizing his son’s desire to include him in important moments of his life.

“I could remember the day they wanted to go and do an introduction that led to his engagement. He bought me a pair of shoes and he said, ‘Daddy, this is what you are going to wear,’” Aloba recalled. “He wanted to blend me. He is my son and a friend to me.”

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Aloba expressed his focus on seeking justice for Mohbad and brushed off criticisms about wearing his late son’s clothes, asserting that Mohbad’s memory and their bond supersede any negative comments.

“So, my focus now is justice for Mohbad. So all those rubbish questions, I do not want to answer questions like that. He is my son. So whoever wants to say anything they like,” he concluded.

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